Rich Mortar Group is a general construction contractor involved in a wide array of commercial and residential projects in Kenya. The National Construction Authority (NCA) has licensed Rich Mortar Group to do Building and Civil Works. In order to accurately translate our clients’ dreams and visions into drawings and make them a reality through construction solutions that satisfy their needs, we collaborate closely with them. We keep in touch with them regularly throughout the construction process to keep them updated on the status of the project and to make sure it stays on schedule and within budget. We have specialized in;

We stand for quality, safety & credibility, so you could be trust us fully about architectural working process.

Hotel/apartment complex, warehouses, housing developments and private homes, perimeter walls,

Stone pitching, Gabions, Geotextiles, Retaining walls.

Natural gravel or graded crushed stone bases, Fibre Reinforced Concrete and RCC hard standing areas, Paving block surface (Cabro), Asphaltic concrete surface.
Spun concrete culverts, concrete building blocks of various sizes, concrete paving blocks, road kerbs, road channels, slabs, and other precast units.