Architectural Design / Interior Design

Interior work

RMG has been entrusted with various architectural projects in Kenya, where we have been able to amalgamate innovative design with our sound knowledge of construction practices. As a result, we can follow our designs through, from initial conception to final construction, and can correctly interpret the architectural features through the continuous contribution of our architectural design team throughout the building process.


 we have strived to provide a quality service by engaging personnel with proficient technical skills.

OFFICE PARTITIONING We specialize in commercial and corporate office designs for large- and small-scale organizations using aluminum and glass partitioning for walls, carpets or tiles for floors, window blinds for windows, gypsum bulkheads for ceilings and LED lighting. In addition, we create a look for your business meeting rooms, boardrooms and cubicles that will address your needs and suit your specific workspace vision. We transform your office space into a stylish, modern, sleek working environment.