For many clients in Kenya, we are experts in both comprehensive supply chain management and the purchase of services. We recognize the importance of helping each individual consumer find the appropriate goods, services, or equipment at fair rates. All small enterprises, corporate entities, corporations, and government agencies are served by the RMG general supply unit. Our area of expertise is in the sourcing and distribution of various commodities.

The company sources locally as well as internationally quality goods that meets all the recommended standards set out by the government. We source and distribute office supplies, office electronics, electrical, building materials, cleaning equipment, plumbing, and many other items across the nation.

We really concentrate on a large choice of standard office supplies when it comes to office stationery. All of our employees take pride in putting in long hours, paying attention to safety, and acting professionally.

Whether you need drywall, insulation, acoustical tile, or construction accessories, Rich Mortar group has your worksite needs covered. We are fully prepared to load and distribute construction materials to even the trickiest job sites. We make use of specialist machinery, such as truck-mounted forklifts, and knowledgeable delivery people to ensure that your materials are delivered without incidents.